Looking to Buy a Home in Ashcroft – Charlottesville?


Are you looking to buy a home in Ashcroft located in Charlottesville?

We can help.

The Choice Homes Team has put together an entire section of our website dedicated to the Home for Sale in Ashcroft.

We have developed a number of ways to search for homes and any lots or land that is available for sale in the neighborhood.  We understand that potential home buyers are not all alike and that they are each looking for some specific features and price points.  If you have narrowed your search down to the Charlottesville VA Real Estate Market, then these links for the specific neighborhood of Ashcroft may be of use to you.

Are you looking for a deal?
We can put together a list of the Affordable Homes for Sale in Ashcroft.  This list included the best priced properties on the market at this time and it is updated multiple times per day to ensure that all of the best deals are displayed.
With the changes in the real estate market over the past few years, prices have fluctuated. Some sellers are in a position where they have to sell, either for financial reasons or to relocate for a new job. This has impacted the real estate market the most. There are some affordable homes on the market and if you are looking to buy a home in Ashcroft, you may be able to get the home you have always wanted for a fraction of what it was worth at the peak of the market bubble.

Are you looking for a newer built home? Some that are looking to buy a home in Ashcroft are looking to find the newest home possible. This may mean that they home was actually built years ago, but they want the newest – most recently built home that is available for sale. That is why we have put together a list of the Newest Houses built in Ashcroft. This list is sorted by age of the house. This will allow you to narrow down your search to the exact homes that you are interested in, that meet your criteria.

The Choice Homes Team is dedicated to helping you Buy a Home in Ashcroft. We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you are review your specific real estate needs. Feel Free to give us a call at 434-922-0011.

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Considering Selling Your Home in Ashcroft?


Have you given thought to selling your home in Ashcroft? If so you are probably concerned about getting the best possible price for you home in the shortest time. There are so many ways to start some research, so that you now or at least have a general idea of what homes are selling for in Ashcroft. The Choice Homes Team has created some webpages that show you the up to date MLS information for Ashcroft so that you do not have so jump from site to site to site.

How much are homes selling for? Great Question. The MLS rules do not allow us to display sold properties, so we will be more than happy to do a search for you to provide you with ACCURATE past sales data – just call us at 434-922-0011. We have created a page that shows the Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Ashcroft. This will give you an idea of the market landscape and some of the competition that you might face if you were actually selling your home in Ashcroft. This page is updated multiple times per day to reflect new listings and listings that have make price reductions or changes. It will also let you sign up for a free service that will send you an email on a daily basis so that you stay in touch with the market.

How long have homes been staying on the market? Some markets and some areas around Charlottesville take longer to sell than others. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the area, but not everyone is looking for the exact features that Ashcroft has to offer. To give you a snapshot of the area, we have compiled a list of the Oldest MLS Listings in Ashcroft. Sometimes, when a home sits on the market too long, it will have potential buyers asking more questions than not. What is wrong with it? Are they overpriced? They must not be serious about selling. All of these questions and statements should be avoided. Having a good understanding of the Ashcroft area and the Ashcroft Homes for Sale and the surrounding market will help you when selling your home in Ashcroft.

Selling Your Home in Ashcroft

Bottom line, information helps and doing your research is essential… But nothing compares with having an actual market analysis prepared by The Choice Homes Team. We will compare your property with what has actually SOLD in Ashcroft as well as the surrounding area and will help you put together a step by step strategy that no online program or estimate could provide. Call us today at 434-922-0011.

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